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Improve health & safety in your business

A vital aspect is often ignored when major renovations are commissioned, especially in the application of occupational health and safety requirements on a construction site. 


The OHS Act provides for the health and safety of every employee and specifies employer requirements in respect of employees in the workplace.

2.Ingozi can help

Undertake a thorough risk assessment and formulate a Safety Health and Environment (SHE) file.

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Safety Together

Our mission is to ensure safety is considered first in all companies and on all constructions sites through our health and safety services.

This extends to every industry in South Africa and into residential areas housing our citizens. 

Our health and safety officers are registered and have vast experience across all major industries.

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Health and safety services

Safety Health and Environment file

SHE Management Systems

  • Implement fully integrated Risk Management Systems covering key components of your business
  • Total risk of employees
  • Fire defence systems and planning

Safety Health and Environment Files (SHE Files) – formulation of a professional working system in the form of a SHE File.


Health and Safety Specification Development – Ingozi compiles Health and Safety Specifications to ensure clear communication to your mandatories with regards to safety in the workplace.


Health and Safety Plans – to establish and implement a health and safety program to minimise loss, meet regulatory compliance and adhere to site safety regulations.


Emergency Plan – Occupational Health and Safety systems, BCP business contingency plans/DRP disaster recovery plans/crisis management committee and Implementation of policies and procedures to ensure compliance and identify and eliminate hazardous conditions that affect emergencies including the identification of deficiencies, such as the lack of resources
(equipment, trained personnel, supplies) or items that can be rectified before an emergency occurs.


Fall Protection Plan to establish guidelines to protect employees engaged in outdoor or indoor work activities that expose them to potential falls from elevations.


Business Contingency Planning (BCP) to ensure that you have minimal lost time.


Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) including the set up of a crisis management team with your help that will control a disaster or emergency situation that ties up with your business contingency.


legal compliance health and safety

Legal Compliance & Auditing

We audit SHE files to ensure compliance and understanding from your employees and supervisors to identify and evaluate non-conformities in terms of improvement and prohibition status. We provide recommendations to address identified non-conformities. This includes all requirements of the OHS Act. According to and to comply with statutory law (Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993 (OHS) and its Regulations) we will assess:


  • Personal protective clothing (PPE)
  • Safety file contents (Administration) (Safety Health & Environment (SHE) File)
  • Signage and notices
  • Equipment quality/condition and compliance
  • SHE file system communication (inductions, toolbox talks)
  • Emergency planning/fire planning and evacuation
  • Egress and access to and from the building/security
  • Electrical certificates of compliance (COC)
  • General building safety and fire equipment and common

Risk Assessments and Management

Risk assessment as per OHS Act section 8 for Baseline, Issue and Continuous Risk Assessments.


Baseline Risk Assessment to identify types and sizes of potential hazards in the project/organisation and evaluate the effect of these risks.


Issue Based Risk Assessment to assess hazards and derive safe work procedures.


Continuous Risk Assessments as part of the day-to-day management with emphasis is on hazard awareness and risk treatment.


Risk Management - Identify risks and establish procedures to mitigate risks.

  • Development of a hazard identification program to assist in mitigating risks.
  • Implement risk system and plan.
  • Communicate and train employees in job hazards reducing compensation claims and costs.


asbestos health and safety cape town

Asbestos Risk Assessments & Management

Asbestos assessments to assess risks and compile Asbestos Registers


Asbestos removal, under supervision of a registered asbestos contractor, who will assist with maintenance, or removal, of asbestos as per asbestos regulations as well as air monitoring.


Asbestos Work Plan as required by Asbestos Regulations, OHS Act. Employers requiring the removal of asbestos containing material from their premises must adhere to the following:

  • Submit an asbestos plan to an Approved Inspection Authority (AIA) for approval
  • Ensure that only registered asbestos contractors carry out demolition work
  • Appoint only approved companies to dispose of asbesto

Asbestos monitoring -  supervision and air monitoring during asbestos work, including:

  • Setup monitoring
  • Mid monitoring
  • Final inspection
  • Clearance monitoring
  • Evaluation of airborne asbestos fibres by Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM) in accordance with MDHS 39/4
  • Monitoring report


Asbestos sampling to determine asbestos risk including collection, submission and analysis of material suspected
of containing asbestos to provide assurance with regards to asbestos content of material.