Retail health and safety Ingozi Management V&A Waterfront

Ingozi Management was commissioned by the Indawo Group to oversee the health and safety of a roofing project at V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, Western Cape.

Not only is this site a tourist hotspot and attraction for millions of local and international tourists from across the world, it is situated in a working harbour. The health and safety risks working on this site touches contractors, shoppers, office workers, shoppers, retail tenants and their employees, harbour workers, tourists and informal traders, all relying on the safety provided by the management of the mall.

On top of the normal health and safety risks, the contractor had to remove the existing asbestos roof sheeting which was in a deteriorating state. This involves special attention to health and safety as it applies to asbestos removal.

Ingozi ensured that all precautions were taken to ensure the safety os all concerned.

Together with the contractor, Indawo, Ingozi Management won the Master Builders Association’s (MBA) Regional Health and Safety Award for this project in 2019 and achieved second overall in the National Competition.

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Asbestos removal

Asbestos roofing at the V&A Waterfront had to be removed and replaced.

Ingozi Management was commissioned to undertake all matters relating to the health and safety risks of the asbestos removal and disposal as well as all aspects of general safety.

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