Health & Safety & YOU, vital for business safety in the workplace

Health & Safety & YOU, vital for business safety in the workplace.

Health and Safety PPE


Some say safety is a moneymaking scheme. The more sensible agree that it is mandatory. Most sectional title schemes have a body corporate with employees on the premises at risk. But for dangerous jobs contractors are appointed who, in terms of the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act, No 85 of 1993, are considered to be employees. There is also a misconception that the onus is solely on the contractor to provide a safe working environment. The OHS Act should not be ignored.


A vital aspect is often ignored when major renovations are commissioned, especially in the application of occupational health and safety requirements on a construction site. The OHS Act provides for the health and safety of every employee and specifies employer requirements in respect of employees in the workplace.


In a warehouse, skylights were installed with the necessary safeguards, BUT with insufficient protection from other hazards, resulting in a fatal accident. If the contractor and building owner had applied due diligence, the accident may have been avoided. Heard a story like this before? So what can be done? Ingozi Management says the answer really is simple. Undertake a thorough risk assessment and formulate a SHE file. This file contains a list of all the health and safety requirements both in your workplace and on construction sites. And, yes, you are legally required to have one.

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